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Feedback from others

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You are not alone!

Each week I get lots of emails from people just like you, wondering what on earth has caused their thumbnail problems.

Here's a handful of them - maybe you can relate to the surprise and the range of emotions that these people felt. I know I've agreed with their sentiments and general surprise as to how simple the cause of their thumbnail problems is!!

R in USA

Hello Down Under!

I have the same problem you much that I, too, would cover my nails on first dates and quickly move my hand if I thought someone was looking! I came across the same websites that you came across, but just found yours today. I'm glad to finally have some sort of proof that it will work. I haven't picked at my cuticles in about 4 weeks now, but I don't see much of a difference. Question for you: did you have any sort of scabbing (I know, gross) on your cuticles. I have it on both thumb beds and am DYING to pick it off!! Do I just let it heal itself?? Again, thank you!!

G in New York

Hello.... Came across your webpage on ridges.... I need the encouragement of knowing how long it took for you to get new nails once you stopped the damage. My nails are very bad from this problem. Once or twice I managed to leave them alone for a month or so, but didn't see much change. I've used up alot of Cordran cortisone tape, putting it on on my cuticles to protect them (from me) and to heal them. It seems to be very healing. But if I felt confident change could happen in a certain period of time, I think it would be a great help to me. Thank you very much.

D from Australia

Im a 25 year old aussie fella who somehow stumbled on your page in regards to your thumb nail problem. It was the best news ive had for a long long time because I have had this problem for as long as I can remember and nobody was able to help me. I was the same as yourself with covering up my thumbnails because I was embarrassed about how they looked.

I had been to numerous doctors and they just told me that my nail growth plate had been damaged. I really appreciate your page as I thought it was going to be something I would have to live with forever.

I just have a quick question with how you stopped biting the skin around the thumbs. Did u put a bandaid over it at all or just trained your mind to stop biting them?

T from UK

I have just read your story and thought i would send you a quick email to thank you.

I have the same problem on both thumb nails and i have had it for many years. I have tirelessly looked for answers but have found none. I stumbled across your story today and i will now look up the deformity as you described. I am very embarrassed by my nails and maybe, just maybe i too can have amazing results like you.

Thank you once again, you must feel amazing that you can maybe help others who have this really embarrassing problem that doctors seem clueless about. I was told that my nails were the most disgusting they have seen, grow them and go back and they will take a clipping. I felt humiliated and never returned.

I will let other people know about your story.

I from England

Just wanted to say thank you for going the extra mile it taking the time to educate others, including myself, about habit tic deformity. I found your page about 7 months ago and I'm happy to say that I too now have normal thumb nails.

From T

I finally decided to google "thumb nail ridges" in an attempt to diagnose mine (have had them for about 13 years), and came across your website. I guess I do do the skin picking and plucking thing, but will try to stop now! My left thumbnail looks exactly like yours did at day zero...

As for your wife's comment that you should have seen a doctor - I did, a few years ago, and he had no idea what it was.

E from California

Hello there Aussie~ I think your name is Vic, so if it is, Vic, I need to let you know that you have given me more hope in the last 5 minutes just reading your short "thumbnail" biography than I have had in YEARS!

I have made countless attempts "googling" 'nail deformities', 'thumb ridges', 'concaved thumbnails' name it, and I have Googled it. Anyway, this morning, my two thumbs are in more pain than they usually are, so tender to the touch, so I thought I would make yet another attempt. In the search box in Google, I typed in "thumbnail deformities" one more time in the hopes that maybe I would find something helpful. And much to my HAPPY surprise, the first site I saw was entitled "Thumbnail Ridges- GONE!" My eyes lit up like a child in a candy store, and when I clicked on your story, the first picture I saw literally brought tears to my eyes. IT WAS MY THUMBS!!!!!! It was as if my thumbs were looking in a mirror!

In all the websites I have researched, (I'd say over a period of about 6 months,) I NEVER found a picture that resembled anything close to what my thumbs look like. Then I saw your very first picture that you posted, and a wave of relief fell over me, and this was before I had even read your blurb (for lack of a better word!).

Then, as I read, I saw that you had researched all the same things I had, B-vitamin deficiency, poor diet, Beau's lines, ALL OF THEM, with no hope, and then I came to the part about picking the skin right at the cuticle, the base of the thumb. I DO THIS CONSTANTLY, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!! (In fact, I was getting so excited reading what you had written, that I caught myself picking at that very moment!)

Anyway Vic, (sorry if that's not your name) like I said, I JUST read all of this, and saw each of your pictures, and I guess my point to all my babbling, is I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! If nothing else, I finally KNOW that I am not alone! You have given me hope when I thought there was none! In typing this, I have already caught myself 4 times trying to pick my thumbs, and I have stopped myself. Now everytime I catch myself doing this, I am going to think of you, and this magical morning of hope you have given me.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story, and if it's any consellation, you have helped at least one desperate American!!! : )

P.S. I sure hope the alcohol intake isn't the cause too, because if it is, then I think I'm going to have deformed thumbs for the rest of my life!!!!!!

Vic, thank you, and I am going to check out those other websites you recommended, and I am DEFINETELY going to STOP PICKING, as of RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

I REALLY appreciate your help!!! I hope this letter finds you, and that it maybe brightens up your day as much as you brightened up mine!

THANK YOU Sincerely,

From C

Hey out there down under! I just stumbled across your site while searching for causes and cures for thumbnail ridges. You're was the first one that looked just like my nails, so I stopped and gave it a read. I too don't really have any other issues (other than possibly too much alcohol!), BUT I've been a major nail biter/chewer/picker my whole life. I also noticed in that first picture it looked like you were too! And my thumbs are the worst. I basically don't have anymore of the skin covering the cuticle area.

I'm terribly excited to give this a try, and it's a great push for me to just stop biting. So, thank you very much for posting that page. I will let you know how it goes....

From R

I have been so worried about my thumb nails for so long! When I saw the puc of your thumb it was like looking at a pic of my own! Wow! Ice had these ridges since 5th grade and have always filed them down so thinly they hurt to touch. Ice also been an incessant cuticle picker! Nervous habit I guess. Thanks so much for your info! Did you use anything to help speed along your recovery?

From T

I have been picking at the skin on my thumb cuticle for umpteen years ( and actually really like it... it's soothing somehow which is weird because I do it so bad it bleeds ) and have the worse thumbnail ridges you've ever seen.

Thanks to your writeup I'm comforted to know that I don't have any medical problem other than a pretty bad habit.

So thankyou again.

From C

I just stumbled across your page dedicated to your habit tic transformation and wanted to send a word of thanks. For 22 years my dad told me my thumbnail being ridged and bumpy was genetic. Seeing your page made me realise, that what I thought was a habit born out of having a 'deformed' thumb was actually the cause of the problem. Mine is a bit more severe than yours seemed to be, but from today on no more biting or picking! Just want to say thanks for sticking up the photos to show I don't have to be embarrassed about it anymore and can do something to get rid of it.

From J

Wow. This really means a lot to me to know that other people do this. I looked around many times on the net and never found anything. Then I stumbled across your page. I am 25 and have been "picking" at my thumbs like an idiot since I was about 13. I always thought it was a fungus or something. Anyway, my question is, can you suggest methods to stop doing this? I know it is simple, STOP IT!!! But can you throw a few tricks out there that helped you. It's like trying to stop smoking, it is harder than you think. Thanks man.

From A in Indiana

Hi. Just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for your website info on fingernail ridges. Both of my thumb nails became extremely deformed after the birth of my son (ten years ago), and they continued to get worse. I was convinced it was some mineral deficiency. I had been to doctors and have tried lots of "potions" and natural alternative therapies. Well... nothing, of course, worked.... until that is, I spent some time on the internet and found your site.

I initially found it hard to believe that it could be just as easy as you said (let's face it: there's a lot of B.S. out there on the internet!). Plus, I didn't even realize that I had the habit of scraping the cuticle back with my index finger when I was under stress. I started July 1, after I read your website. And now, by next week, I should be able to trim the last bit of deformed nail off. WOW! I should have some nice nails just in time for Halloween!

Thanks so much for posting that information! Hope there are lots of other people like me who can be saved by such a simple "treatment."

From L

Thank you so much for doing the research that you did. I have had this on my left thumbnail for about 3 years. It keeps getting much worse and is now starting on my right thumbnail. I do pick at them so I'm going to follow your strategy. I feel very encouraged and I just wanted to thank you for that !!!!!

Believe me when I say it : YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Feel free to contact me at: